Empower your workforce, increase productivity, and ensure worker safety
Hupbeat is a connected workforce tool that ensures safer, more efficient operations while syncing with your systems, team, and equipment in real-time.

We digitize industrial processes to support technicians in the field and help to unlock data to improve future operations.

And unlike email and spreadsheets, Hupbeat provides real-time accountability and consistency across your operations.

Our Process



Hupbeat digitizes static industrial processes to give front-line workers an interactive, data rich mobile experience in the field. We create a digital connection between your field team, managers, and equipment to give technicians the expertise and data they need to tackle even the toughest jobs.



Use Hupbeat to capture and track information that was not easily available before. Collect, track, and analyze data from the field to see what is trending, measure performance, and create positive feedback loops to increase safety, efficiency, and accountability.



Use Hupbeat to gain a clear view into company processes and technician performance to improve work procedures, equipment reliability management, and job training. Hupbeat’s customizable data analytics help translate empirical learning into optimized action.



Hupbeat’s ready-to-deploy technology ensures an agile, adaptable, and relevant application for client’s unique needs. Hupbeat is deployed quick and cost-effectively by building in iterative sprints.

See it in Action

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